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The capital will be the first sports university in India to offer courses in various sports such as cricket, football and hockey. The Delhi Sports University, established by the Delhi Government as a state university, will, as already established, conduct academic programs similar to those of other universities.

The PEFI awards would be awarded to PE teachers for their efforts to develop sport in India in collaboration with the Indian Foundation for Physical Education. PE FIRA awards would also be given to PE teachers in the form of a prize for the best PE teacher of the year, developed by Sports India through an association of Physical Educators Foundation India and Delhi Sports University in Delhi.

Swadesh Kumar added that he would join and support the PEFI awards, which he represents on the Board of PE FIRA and the Indian Physical Education Foundation. We would join them and support them, "he added. He added: "We would have joined them and supported them if we were part of Sports India's PE and Physical Educators Foundation India.

Sports India 2019 brings together brands, experts and consumers to highlight sport and fitness as a profitable industry. The event will feature a number of events designed to raise awareness and excitement in the sports, fitness and wellness arena, "he said. He said: "The events are being offered as part of Sports India, an event designed to create awareness, excitement and a sports, fitness and wellness arena. "The event offers a mix of events designed to create awareness and excitement for consumers as well as for fitness and wellness sports.

Procam International was founded in 1988 by Anil Singh and Vivek B. Singh and is dedicated to the refinement and revitalization of professional faces of athletes. Founded in 2012, the company aims to play a leading role in creating a sports culture in India by maximising the potential of Indian athletes. The company's portfolio includes brands, products and services, including sportswear, apparel and accessories, sports and fitness products, serving a wide range of consumers, from limited sporting goods and apparel to sports entertainment and entertainment licenses. Baseline Ventures was founded in 2014 and operates in the fields of sports events, entertainment and licensing, with a focus on sports, fitness and wellness.

The country also hosts the world's biggest sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games, every year.

Without the 2018 Games in Jakarta, India has won 605 medals at the Commonwealth Games and has participated in more than 2,000 events in the past 20 years. In terms of gold medals, India's last gold medal win was at the 1951 Asian Games in New Delhi. That figure is significant, given that India will not be represented at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. India is also hosting the 2014 Asian Olympics and the 2016 Winter Olympics.

India must also prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games, both in terms of business and sports. We must also prepare for the Olympic Games in 2020, both in terms of business and sporting activity.

So the brainstorming about India's rise to sporting superpower is perfectly aligned with the 2019 Sport India Conference. Emerging markets would talk about and think about making India a world leader in sports. This idea is supported by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and the Indian Olympic Committee (IOC), which will take place in Birmingham in 2019, just as the action is getting under way in Birmingham. Emerging economies will talk about the need to make India the leader of world sport. Emerging sport would be a discussion and reflection on the need to make Indians the world's sporting and economic leaders.

If only that were to happen, Delhi could serve as a model of what the Commonwealth Games can do for a host city and for India.

While there have been few international sporting events in the years that have followed, New Delhi has carried out its fair share of international sporting events and has made good use of existing sports complexes. The 1982 Asian Games led to the general development of the capital and made it one of the best examples of improved sports facilities in India.

The most recent major sporting event was the 2010 Commonwealth Games (CWG), which took place in Delhi from 3 to 14 October. The big push in that direction came after India hosted the Asian Games for the second time in 1982. It is 28 years since India finally submitted a bid for an international sporting event in New Delhi and awarded it to Delhi in 2003, but faced its problems due to a lack of funding and a go-go attitude from the government.

While infrastructure has improved in other parts of India, New Delhi is in the doldrums with sporting events, as the capital's unused facilities wear out.

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