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A New Delhi-style café has opened in New Delhi, bringing an authentic taste of northern India to the city centre. The New Delhi Restaurant and Bar serves dishes reminiscent of recipes from the Indian palace, from royal menus dating back 400 years.

Indian street food dishes that you have to try in Delhi, India, are out of the question, and this variety alone makes them a must-try. The family restaurant, known for its delicious dishes from India and China, also serves amazing North Indian and Chinese delicacies.

Indian street food dishes that must be tried in Delhi, India, are out of the question, and this delicate, spicy, greasy delicacy is often eaten for breakfast.

This dish from Delhi is one of the most popular street food dishes in India and a staple of many restaurants in the city. This kebab kebab can be enjoyed in two different ways: as a side dish or as a stand-alone dish, but it is best eaten as two different dishes to be eaten together.

If you don't feel like going out, Food Panda is one of the many restaurants in Delhi that will deliver food at no extra charge. Take a look at the menu of traditional Indian street food you can sample here, including Kheer, Aaloo, Tikki, Kulfi and more. Easily available on the streets of Old Delhi, this yogurt-based drink offers relief to those who have eaten too much spicy food or have eaten it for too long.

Al-Zaitoon is served in one of Delhi's best Shawarma restaurants, so the shawm is a must - try it.

Thailavar was a pleasant surprise and his interpretation of the South Indian cuisine will convince you and give you more time for yourself. Known for its meat-based caterpillars, its settings ensure that you are never bored, and that is why most of us usually come here. His own menu at Delhi House Cafe reflects this, with homemade beef skewers served with handmade tandoori naan and a host of other dishes.

Delhi is also home to many dhabas who have been serving authentic North Indian food for years. This New Delhi branch offers a taste of authentic North Indian cuisine with its traditional dishes. Get to the area that has the best street food in Old Delhi - the Old Town of Delhi.

This restaurant serves the cuisine of India's northern Kashmir region and gives Delhi a break from the ubiquitous butter chicken. The prices of the café satisfy the taste of the Kashmiri people, as do the prices of the cafes.

This popular place in Old Delhi is an excellent chain based in Delhi that specializes in hygienic chaat. The sweet and spicy chai masala is a popular drink in Delhi and throughout India. This popular Indian sweet is found on the streets of Delhi and is a chewy, sugary treat made from chopped pistachios and cashew nuts.

Bukhara at ITC Maurya is touted as one of the best restaurants in Delhi and offers tandoor - boiled skewers with vegetables and bread. Located in West Delhi, this Dhaba is a great place for a hearty meal with a good selection of vegetarian options. I love the mixed vegetable paratha here, a surprisingly sweet and creamy paratha made from a simple milk-based treat that is surprisingly sweeter and creamier than it is.

If you are in love with South Indian food, this place is a real treat; it is not exactly a South Indian restaurant, but its menu has some exotic South Indian dishes. While Moti Mahal remains one of the places where you can have the ultimate version of this dish, there is also a delicious buttered chicken there that I recommend.

Street food in Old Delhi captures the true essence of Indian food and is a bargain and cheap to eat for our readers. The daulat ki chaat is the best offer in town, And it's also one of the city's most popular dishes.

This fruit salad would be a healthy way to end the old Delhi food, and this simple bread is one of my favorite dishes on the tour. In India, for just $15 an hour, we know that jalebi is the real deal and that we need to return to express ourselves and eat more of our old Beijing favorites. But we couldn't finish our tour without tasting some of the food that fueled our street food fascination in Delhi.

With this in mind, we hired Deepak Gupta from Travel D to give us a tour of the city's most popular street food spots in Old Delhi. Claiming to be a "stand-out," Gupta guided us through the food and information he was filling our stomachs and heads with, from the tiny corridors that make up Old London, through the narrow alleyways and alleyways of New Delhi, to a tiny restaurant at the heart of what is defined by the smallest passage.

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